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Water Damage

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  • Structural and Personal Property Restoration
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A fast response to water exposure is critical to minimizing structural damage. 

We have state of the art drying equipment and moisture detection equipment to make sure your property is thoroughly and properly dried.  We monitor the drying process through Psychometry and document the process daily.  We also photograph the job site progress so all data collected and photo documentation can be submitted with your insurance claim for complete and accurate processing.

Common Water Sources:

There are three difference types of water loss categories.

  1. Category 1 – clean water source which is from a water supply that would be from a consumable source such as a water supply line to a sink, to a toilet, dishwasher, washing machine, drinking fountain, etc. This category of water is considered “clean” when it is supplying the water to the applicable appliance however it can quickly turn into a Category 2 water loss as it comes in contact with unsanitary surfaces and building materials.
  1. Category 2 – grey water; water that has been “used” such as from a washing machine overflow, dishwasher overflow, sink drain leak, toilet overflow (without feces), etc. that would not be safe for consumption. As with Category 1, a Category 2 water occurrence can quickly become a black water or contaminated water loss depending on what the water may come in contact with before it can be mitigated.
  1. Category 3 – black water; water that is considered severely unsanitary and can cause serious harm and illness if consumed or ingested. Sources are sewage backups, ground water floods from heavy rains which can contain oils, gasoline and other unknown contaminants, toilet overflows (with feces) and any water that has bacteriological contaminates.

Each Category should be handled by cleanup technicians differently for personal protection.  Building and property owners need to take caution and not attempt to handle water losses that can be a higher risk for contaminates.  Leave the cleanup to the professionals to avoid and minimize personal exposure and unnecessary (even though unintentional) or worsening property damage.

We have the equipment and tools for every need, every Category, every structural situation.

Not all water damage sources are visibly identifiable.  Do you have a stain on your ceiling?  Wrinkling drywall?  Wet carpet?  But can’t find where it’s coming from?  We can help!  See our Thermal Imaging services for more information.


We are professional CIE Certified Indoor Environmentalists, Indoor Air Quality Experts serving Greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee since 1973.  We are experts at removing smoke, soot and resulting odors from structures and personal property including clothing and shoes.

Emergency Residential and Commercial Restoration Services available.


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"Excellent job from scheduling to clean-up. Richey Restoration was totally professional."

Antioch, TN

"Mold remediation from window leaks. Very knowledgeable, professional and courteous."

Brentwood, TN

"Excellent service. Cleaned up during and after. Evaluated and Rid wall of mold."

Murfreesboro, TN

"I was very happy with the service, he really took his time and made sure I understand what's going on and what to do about it."

Old Hickory, TN

"I found Richey Restoration on Angie's List.  I chose them because of the high rating a large number of reviews.  within a day of contact via Angie's List, I received a call.  Dan Richey visited my house and completed the water leak assessment (Angie's List coupon).  Dan is great!  Extremely knowledgeable, lots of experience and a really nice guy."

Franklin, TN